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If you are planning on taking one last trip to the beach this Labor Day weekend, you may be joined by more than just your fellow beach-goers. Both Ocean City in Maryland and Bethany Beach in Delaware have reported recent outbreaks of “Sea Lice.” Their name is a bit off from what they actually are. They are jelly fish larvae and irritate the skin similar to their adult relatives. The good news is that if you are affected by their pricking and slight burning in the water, simply rinse off with fresh water. They cannot survive outside of sea water. The worse cases experience continued skin irritation up to 1-week after exposure, but symptoms can be relieved with over-the-counter hydrocortisone creme. So no need to stay out of the water. Enjoy yourself and make sure to wear your sunscreen. It will serve as protection between these little sea critters and your skin. Happy Labor Day.