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“We’ve heard that some people are seeing posts or messages about accounts being cloned on Facebook. It takes the form of a ‘chain mail’ type of notice,” a Facebook official said.

Here’s what happens: you receive a message from an existing Facebook friend telling you they’ve received a friend request from you. Then it says to check your account and instructs you to forward the message to all your friends.

When that happens, someone will steal photos and personal information from an existing user’s profile and create a second profile, “cloning” it and masquerading as that individual. They then send out friend requests to the person’s current friends on Facebook in an attempt to learn more personal information about the person they’ve cloned, or send out scam messages, according to Webopedia.

But how can users tells if their Facebook has been cloned? It’s a simple fix. Search your name on Facebook and see if there are any other profiles claiming to be you. Cloned profiles will typically have the exact same name, a photo of you and possibly some mutual friend.