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Tina Turner‘s life has already turned into an award-winning movie but now the 78-year old singer is about to tell it in her own words.

In an upcoming autobiography titled, “Tina Turner: My Love Story,” Turner reveals that she was suffering from a kidney disease and that her kidneys were functioning at only 20 percent. Her husband, German producer Erwin Bach offered her the solution of donating one of his kidneys to her in a transplant.

“[He] shocked me by saying that he wanted to give me one of his kidneys.” Turner writes, per the AP, saying she was “overwhelmed by the enormity of his offer.”

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The procedure took place in 2016 and Turner has been healthy ever since!

The book also reveals a rather shocking tale Turner reveals about her former husband, the late Ike Turner. On their wedding night in 1962, Turner reveals that Ike took them to a brothel on their big day.

“The experience was so disturbing that I suppressed it, scratched it out, and created a different scenario, a fantasy of romantic elopement,” said Turner. Of the pairs marriage and relationship, which ended in 1979, Turner says, “Our life together was a mockery of a ‘normal’ relationship: defined by abuse and fear, not love, or even affection.”

She even reveals she contemplated suicide.

“At my lowest, I convinced myself that death was my only way out. I actually tried to kill myself. I went to my doctor and told him I was having trouble sleeping. Right after dinner, I took all 50 of [the pills he gave me]. I was unhappy when I woke up. But I came out of the darkness believing I was meant to survive.”

Turner’s book, My Love Story is out on October 16.

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