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John Lewis , Linda Coleman ,and G.K. Butterfield reply to the excuses people give, for not voting and highlight the important matters of taking the time to vote.

Some people feel that the idea of Politics can be boring , why bother ?

John Lewis : ” Politics control everything that we do from a democratic society, we must vote. People died for the right to vote.”

Linda Coleman : “Politics is anything but boring, and there are so many issues that effects your everyday life. If you are a student. If you are a parent. If you are an employee. If you are an employer. If you own a business, there’s just so many reasons because everything that happens in your life is impacted by politics , and so voting is so important because you have a chance to your view represented by someone who you have supported ”

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G.K. Butterfield : “Boring is a poor way to describe voting. Voting is powerful. That is the way  we express ourselves in a democracy. We have a Congress that make laws and decides on how to spend taxpayer money. We have a general assembly here in Raleigh that passes laws and decides how to spend state dollars. So, its critically important that we decide who makes those decisions for us. If we don’t decide then other people will decide for us,  those decisions will not benefit our community.”

It been said amongst people that the candidate is set to win already, with or without my vote. What is the purpose of going out to vote?
John Lewis : ” We can choose who will be our elective representativeLinda Coleman : “No that is absolutely not true. You never know who is going to win. There are so many races that have been decided by just a handful of votes. Some as few as two or three votes. Every vote counts. And remember, your voice is your vote or your vote is your vote”

G.K. Butterfield : “No, the candidates haven’t been picked. The  Democratic party has chosen its nominee. The Republican party has done the same. The purpose of the November election is for the Democratic candidate is to oppose Republican candidate, and each one is supposed to bring to the voters their vision their vision for America. I am a Democrat, I know the values that we stand for the Democratic party. We stand for average , hard working, middle class, low income families who are trying to achieve the American dream.

We fight everyday to provide healthcare and a higher minimum wage. We fight everyday to make sure we do not balance a federal budget on the backs of  low income families. The Republicans by contrast have a different view of America.

They believe that the federal government should not be involved in the lives of ordinary citizens. They believe that it’s up to the citizen to fin for herself or himself, to provide for their families. That the role of the federal government is not to step in and provide a social safety net; that is very unfortunate but that’s the way Republicans think. They want to lower taxes which takes revenue off the table, so we cannot provide for the general welfare of the country.

So, we have opposing views between Democrats and Republicans. And so we have Democratic candidates who are running all across the country. The Republicans control the U.S. House Of Representatives, unfortunately ; control the U.S. Senate , control the North Carolina Legislature. So in the year 2018; we’re trying to change the numbers. We’re trying to promote Democratic candidates; so,  Democrats can be in the majority, in both Washington and Raleigh”

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