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For as much as the culture admires and respects Will and Jada’s relationship, not sure any of us were entirely sure about the couple’s origin story. Turns out, it was quite interesting. When Will sat down for his interview on “Red Table Talk,” he and Jada shared it.

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Will: I went to sign the divorce papers and I was at the car. And I had Jada’s number. I literally walked right out from there. I called Jada because you had bought a farm in Baltimore. She was not going to live in Hollywood. She had left the business. I said, ‘Ayye Jada what’s up. This Will.’ And I said, ‘Are you seeing anybody?’ She said, ‘Uhh No.’ And I said, ‘Cool, you’re seeing me now.’

Jada: And [I was like] was like, ‘Okay.’

Will: She got on a plane, came back to LA and never spent one night in the house she bought.

There were so many gems the couple shared during the episode. Personally, I was struck by how much Jada sacrificed herself for their relationship. But other people were more intrigued by the way Will was able to convince Jada to start dating him.

Watch the couple recount how they got together, then comment below and tell us whether or not you’d accept an invitation to date someone the way Will expressed himself to Jada.


See photos of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith through the years below!


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