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I promise you that I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. There is a 69yr old man somewhere in the Netherlands who wants to change his birthdate, well, not exactly his entire birthday, just the year. This man says that his age is holding him back from things like dating sites prospects. He says when he is on dating websites and says he is 69yrs old no one responds but when he says he is 49yrs old he is in a”more luxurious position.” I know some folks lie about their age but in all honesty this sounds so bizzare to me and extreme to keep a lie going like this. To involve the courts in this nonsense is so absurd. I wonder if he thought about the fact that even if the courts decide to legally decide to change his  birthyear, he still has 69yr.old skin, 69yr.old organs and everything eles associated with being 69yrs. old. It’s interesting to see how this unfolds in the court because he says that people can change their gender and their name so he should be able to change the year of his birth. He even said that he would willingly give up his monthly pension if need be. This sounds so silly to me but I suppose he is serious if he is willing to forego his money. I’m just wondering if the courts sides with this man; what can we expect next? Does this mean that someone can go to court because they want to legally change their height or ethnicity perhaps? Hmmmm kinda makes you wonder.