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Stacey Abrams dismissed her GOP rival Brian Kemp’s call for her to concede their race for Georgia governor, saying she wanted to honor voters’ sacrifices by making their ballots count.

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“Over the last few days, our Voter Protection Hotline has heard countless stories of Georgia voters who fought for their right to vote, but for whatever reason, were prevented from casting their ballot,” Abrams said in an Instagram post on Saturday. “I am fighting to make sure our democracy works for and represents everyone who has ever put their faith in it. I am fighting for every Georgian who cast a ballot with the promise that their vote would count.”

Kemp, who oversaw the election as Georgia’s secretary of state, has reportedly started his transition to the governorship. However, no official winner has been announced because thousands of provisional ballots have not been counted. A complete count could trigger an automatic runoff.

Earlier on Saturday, Kemp accused Abrams, who could become the nation’s first Black Woman governor, of using “antics” that are “a disgrace to democracy and completely ignore the will of the people,” according to USA Today.

Kemp is currently ahead by approximately 60,000 votes and claims that it’s mathematically impossible for Abrams to win. However, Abrams counters that thousands of uncounted ballots are still out there and must be counted. If Kemp’s current 50.3 percent lead falls below 50 percent, Georgia law requires a runoff in early December.

Meanwhile, the NAACP and Southern Christian Leadership Conference rallied for Abrams on Saturday, fuming about voter suppression targeting African-Americans at Georgia polling stations and during the early voting period.

“We heard stories from voters who took time off work to vote, only to be turned away at their assigned polling precinct and every polling place they visited,” Abrams said. “Their voices deserve to be heard. They deserve justice. And that is why we will continue this fight.”


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