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Erica Campbell

Source: Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell / Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell has never been one to shy away from questions about relationships, sex and other topics. While speaking with BuzzFeed she had to pick questions out of a jar that were all pertaining to sex.

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One of the first questions was all about sex before marriage and if it was a sin or not. Erica mentioned that in the Bible it does say that sex before marriage is a sin. She also spoke about how you should ask yourself if this person deserves your body and if you’re treating it like a temple or not.

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Furthermore, Erica admitted that she didn’t wait to have sex before marriage, but encourages everyone to ask themselves certain questions before moving forward with their decision.

Another question was all about if sex was a healthy coping method. Erica mentioned that the problem is there before and after sex. She wants you to get rid of that problem before going to enjoy the beauty of sex.

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Nevertheless, Erica was also asked about talking to her kids about sex. She told a story about how 14-year-old, Krista Campbell came home and asked about oral sex. Erica was shocked and surprised, but at that moment the conversation needed to happen. As she explained it Krista was taken back and didn’t want to speak about it anymore.

Erica mentioned that she wants her daughter to understand that her body is a temple and in the future wants her to have a healthy sex life when she’s married. She expressed to Krista that if she can talk about it with her little girlfriends then they can talk about it despite it being uncomfortable.

Lastly, other topics discussed upon were on sex leaving a scent in the car, healthy sex as well as not wanting to have sex at all and feeling complete in life. Watch Erica Campbell get real about sex below!


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