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We’ve been watching Chad Johnson and Michelle Williams relationship blossom on their show “Chad Loves Michelle.” Fans are learning not only how therapy can help tackle certain issues, but the importance of communication with the one you love.

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While everyone thought Chad was a Black man they were intrigued to find out he was actually white. During the interview Michelle mentioned that people were interested more in the storyline and made comments about her dating outside her race.

At one point she even asked Chad jokingly, “Are you sure you aren’t Creole?”

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Moreover on the show we see them have a disagreement about race. At one point Michelle didn’t think Chad understood how she felt because he isn’t Black. They both discover that being in an interracial marriage certain topics must be addressed and both parties must come to an understanding.

Nevertheless, GRIFF chimed into the conversation and began to talk about his interracial marriage and how it was discussing topics of cooking, raising children and other things.

If you didn’t know, Chad and Michelle have decided to abstain from sex until they’re married. Michelle mentioned she was relieved of this because she didn’t feel pressured to have sex to keep him.

Lastly, Chad spoke about how he wanted Michelle to know he was attentive and could give his affection to her without sex.

He said, “Faith is the foundation of our lives.”

The couple has yet to set a wedding date, but we can’t wait to see this lovely couple walk down the isle.

See photos of Chad Johnson and Michelle Williams below!


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