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McDonalds Logo in China

Source: Zhang Peng / Getty


McDonald’s is back in the news again after an employee was captured on camera shouting the N-Word at a customer.

In a now-viral video, an employee from a McDonald’s in Spring Hill, Florida angrily shouted the N-Word from the drive-thru window. You will also see another employee calling the police.

You can hear the customer shouting “You just called me a n****r!” and the employee double downs on his statement saying “I don’t give a f**k, n****r!” and continues to use the racial slur.

Source: Washington Post

The owner of the McDonald’s told the Washington Post that the employee no longer works for the fast-food restaurant. No word on why the incident took place. This comes off the heels of a Black Woman defending herself from an attack by a white man at McDonald’s in Florida.

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