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Morehouse College "Reflections Of Excellence"

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty


Imagine being on Cloud 9 for accomplishing the challenging task of finishing your degree. College is NOT for the faint of heart! As you’re sitting with your cap and gown on at your commencement ceremony, the speaker announces that he’s going to pay off the student loan debt of the entire graduating class! How would you respond? I think I would have gone into a Baptist FIT and given God serious praise!


Well, this actually happened at Morehouse College. The speaker, billionaire investor, Robert Smith, announced that he would pay off the student loan debt of the entire graduating class! More specifically, he said his family would create a grant to eliminate those student loans. He also charged the graduates to follow his lead and pay it forward. His gracious act of generosity was met with the graduates (and their families) standing, cheering and chanting “MVP!”. This announcement came AFTER announcing his $1.5 million GIFT to the school. So he’s giving Morehouse college $1.5 million and in addition, paying off an estimated $40 million in student loan debt for the 2019 graduating class. What a blessing!

As one who is STILL paying off student loans after getting my Bachelor’s degree in 2003, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class of Morehouse College. Enjoy this fresh financial start and make it count!

Watch the amazing moment when Robert Smith makes this grand gesture: