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The baby fever starts to get TRILL when you see a kid in their rawest, and rarest form doing adorable ish that kids do. Even if you have a kid already, there’s something about seeing adorable, mini humans being their little innocent selves that makes you want to take them home and keep them for yourself.

One dad recently went viral on Twitter after sharing a video of himself having a full blown convo with his captivating baby boy. Not only does the kid seem thoroughly intrigued by the convo, but the way the dad responds to his son’s baby talk makes this video pure comedy.

The fact that they were watching commercials makes the clip ten times better.

Seeing the father/son camaraderie triggered lots of feelings.


But ultimately, it made people fall in love with this kid, and want to have one of their own.

And don’t be surprised if you start seeming memes based off the kid’s ever-changing facial expressions.


@Earlypeterchrisjr nailed it with his explanation on why affirming your child early on is muy importante:

“What children need from parents/caregivers.. Early stimulation,positive parenting, talking correct words, face to face communication – improve child brain at the age of 0-3 years brain undergoes amazing development with connection of Millon’s of neurons”

Big facts. 

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