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Five years into marriage, Eve is still surprised that she found love with husband Maximillion Cooper.

In a new interview on the show Self Made Tastes Better, the 40-year-old rapper and The Talk co-host was asked about her husband, the CEO of Gumball 3000, and if she sees some of his personality in herself.

“Yes, weirdly,” she said. “Honestly, there are times that I look at him like, you’re so white. How did this happen?”

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When asked what that meant, Eve said, “He’s white! He’s a white guy.”

“I never thought I’d be with a white guy,” she said. “So for me it was like, and you’re British! Like, how? I’m like a girl from Philly. Like, how? But, on the core of our relationship — and other friends have said that to me, too, ‘I never thought y’all two together,’ but when they’re with us, they so get it.”

“He’s my homie. He’s my friend,” she said. “He’s all the cliches, because I’m not a romantic, but he’s all the cliches that I heard that are actually true. For some reason, we just have that core value of just being a hustler, working hard, believing in what you believe in and making it happen. And he’s a good person.”

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Eve said they met at one of his Gumball 3000 races when she was asked to perform by the relay’s sponsor, Puma. What drew her to him was the fact that he was comfortable with himself without having to do too much.

“A quiet confidence,” she said of what she found attractive about him. “Especially coming from hip-hop, it was nice and refreshing [laughs]. Like I said before, I’m not a romantic, but I remember meeting him and being like, I need to know what he does every day. I was more interested in him than I’d ever been with anyone. That was nice. That was a big pull too because he wasn’t in music, but [it was] just him as a person.”

When asked what it was about her that he was drawn to, especially since he didn’t really know much about her music in the beginning, she said she wasn’t too sure.

“We tease each other. He always says, ‘I knew I loved you when I saw you,’ but men have to say sh-t like that,” she joked. “I don’t know, maybe he saw my a–. I don’t know. I don’t know!”

Whatever it was, she’s happy about what they’ve been able to build together, and that he’s now her number one fan for life.

“I’ve never been with somebody more supportive,” she said. “I’ve never, ever had this in my life.”

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