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On Wednesday, August 21, during our Wholistic Health segment, Dr. Kokayi Patterson spoke about the African Aloe plant. It’s considered a miracle plant because of its many uses, including weight loss! According to Dr. Patterson, the aloe from the aloe trees in the Cape of South Africa is denser than regular aloe.

In addition to working well on burns, scar tissue, and skin problems (like rashes), it also works well for a lot of health issues we face in the black community such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteosclerosis, sarcoidosis, respiratory problems, arthritis, and bone problems. Aloe Bitter Crystals works well for weight loss.

Just 3 to 4 crystals will clear out the digestive tract and clear out all the matter that’s been built up over the years in your system (which causes pot bellies and obesity). People have been known to lose 15 to 25 pounds in a month’s time using the aloe bitter crystals along with the aloe tea, which helps with gas and acid reflux. These products can be purchased at under the “Shop Remedies” tab and scroll down to “African Aloe”.