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Black students eating lunch in school cafeteria

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Outrage is building in a New Jersey school district surrounding plans to strictly enforce a policy of denying food to students who are more than $20 in lunch debt.

The Cherry Hill School District’s Board of Education has faced pushback since early August after Assistant Superintendent Lynn Shugars proposed giving tuna sandwiches to students who had a more than $10 in lunch debt and no food to students who had more than $20 debt.

“Cutting off kids’ lunches? Ridiculous. Unacceptable. Will get to the bottom of this to make sure it doesn’t happen. We are a community that’s better and smarter than this!” Cherry Hill Township Council President David Fleisher wrote on Facebook.

The policy has been on the books since 2017. That’s when the district wiped about $25,000 of students’ lunch debt and allowed everyone to start with a balance of $0, according to district Superintendent Joseph N. Meloche.

The debt has ballooned in two years to $18,000, with more than $14,000 owed by 343 students who owe more than $10.

What do you think about this policy? Should this be done in Maryland?

Source: NBC

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