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Eat at His table. 

It’s easy to find rest when the waters of life are calm, but what about when they’re stormy? What happens when we seem surrounded by the enemies of anxiety, sleeplessness, looming deadlines, sickness or division?

David puts words to the concept of rest in the midst of chaos in Psalm 23. God offers a table to us, a place of rest and renewal and community, in the presence of our enemies.  No matter where we are or what pounds at our door, He invites us to sit with Him and eat at His table.

Today, stop and listen to this: Because God extends an invitation and not an order, we have a choice—to remain in the fight for our sanity and safety, or to step off the battlefield and into intimacy and communion with Jesus. While we make time to get closer with Him and to take in The Bread of Life and Living Water, He fights our battles for us.

Find a minute or two to sit with God. Get to know His thoughts; take in the Bread of His Word. Answer His invitation to intimacy and communion and victory over chaos.