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It actually happened.

What started as an internet hoax turned into a legitimate thing as people arrived early Friday at the once-secret Area 51 in Nevada. They gathered at the appointed time an internet hoaxster with one goal in mind: to “storm” the facility and see aliens.

Two people were detained in the event after back in June, millions had responded to a post on Facebook calling for people to run into the Air Force test site that has been the focus of nearly, if not all UFC conspiracy theories.

The post joked, “They can’t stop all of us. Let’s see them aliens.” Facebook eventually removed the post because it went against the company’s “community standards” but not after 2 million people had said they were interested in attending the event.

The military initially took it as a joke but then had to release a serious and stern warning saying that lethal force could be used if people entered the Nevada Test and Training Range and that local and state police would arrest people if they tried to cross the boundary. Sure enough, a couple of folks did.

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