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Today, on Sunday Joy with Ronnette Harrison, the topic of homeschooling came up. I talked about how during this time of staying in or sheltering in place due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, parents/guardians are homeschooling their children and assisting with their online learning. Some parents are finally coming to the realization that their child’s teachers and administration were NOT lying to them about their child’s behavior in school! The parents are getting a major dose because since they are sheltering in place, they do not get a break from their students/children.

They are stuck… at home… together… 24/7. And on the flip side, teachers, staff and administration are getting a much-needed break! Hopefully, now parents have more of an appreciation for what school teachers, staff and administration deal with on a daily basis and are, more often than not, underpaid to do.

Well, there were teachers listening and they decided to call in and testify! LOL! Take a listen…