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Jesus gave us the perfect formula for ditching anxiety.

Worry replaced by prayer equals the peace of God.

But remember, when we give our worries to God, we need to leave it with God. We cannot be double-minded in our praying. God grants a peace that this world can’t comprehend (John 14:27). It’s when we have every reason to lose our minds but because we trust God we are not moved. It’s this kind of faith that tells the world what kind of God we serve and how great He is.

The truth is, the same time we have time to worry and ruminate on our fears, is the same amount of time we have time to pray instead. It’s all about what you choose to give your energy and your spirit over to in these moments. The difference is that one will keep you bound and the other will set you free.


Let’s do a quick exercise.

I want you to look around where you currently are and count 5 things that are red.

Ready, go!


Okay, now without taking your eyes from this page, can you remember how many things surrounding you that were yellow?


Pretty hard to recall, isn’t it?

That’s because you were so focused on red that you could not see yellow even though it was there.

So let’s say red is your anxiety and yellow is your faith.

The reasons to have faith and think of other solutions and be grateful were around you, but you could not see it because you were too busy looking at all the reasons to find red, or have anxiety about it- even though both existed.

This exercise can be applied to the perspectives we choose to have on life.

We will either look for ways to affirm our anxieties or seek ways to trust God and be grateful for what we do have.

Jesus had the perfect formula.


Action steps:

Scientific studies have proven that being grateful instead of focusing on the negative:

  • Increases mental strength
  • Improves psychological health by increasing happiness and reducing depression.
  • Greatly improves confidence and self-esteem

Today let’s focus on the reasons to have faith. List 10 things that you are grateful for right now or in this season of your life.


Today’s Prayer: Lord help me not to become too distracted to see how much you have blessed me.