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This week on the Community Affairs Show, Cheryl Jackson talks with Relationship Expert, Gail Crowder.  This time Gail gives practical tips to manage work and family during the changing times of COVID-19 and social unrest.  While many are social distancing and others are working endless on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gail Crowder gives us practical tips to mange work and family.  How do we home school, work and maintain our daily routine affectively?  Gail talks about creative time management strategy and how we reclaim our time.

Gail gives practical tips to keep communication fresh with your spuse:

1. Try to use more “I” more than “you” when communicating

2. Avoid trying to be a mind reader; you’re not psychic

3. Listen Actively: FORCE YOURSELF TO HEAR

4. Don’t get defensive while listening

5. Don’t engage/communicate with spouse like you’re talking to your business partner

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About Gail Crowder:  Gail Crowder is the owner of Gail Crowder LLC and the Bringing Sexy Back Experience.  She is a relationship expert, speaker, teacher, Author, Marriage and Life Coach,  Personal and Relationship Consultancy and Certified Master Sexpert.  Find out about her group and one on one sessions at

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