Sunday Best Recap with Producer, Neily Dickerson: Episode 5 – Tribute to a Living Legend


“Sunday Best” producer, Neily Dickerson, talks with Ronnette Rollins about Episode 5’s Tribute to a Living Legend! Washington, D.C.’s own, the Maestro himself, Richard Smallwood! In addition to a performance from Richard Smallwood, each contestant performed a song penned by this multi award-winning recording artist, songwriter, pianist and author. It was such a moving, worship-filled episode! This week, Nicole Gregory, Niiella Coffie and Ashling Cole were in the bottom 3. Ashling got the opportunity to move on to the next round while Nicole (Kansas City, MO) & Niella (London, England) were eliminated. Ronnette talks with Nicole & Niiella in this week’s Sunday Best Recap. Check it out!

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First I’d like to thank God who continues to be my way maker and guides my path and footsteps. Second I’d like to thank all BET executives, producers, camera crew, interviewers, anyone who was involved in the creativity and decision making process to allow me to be a part of a wonderful stage. Third, to the talent crew @iamcliveb at @cabcastings, @dagavin his timely advice, @kevab_ her affection and vulnerable connection to us and an endless amount of others! Fourth, my family and friends for rooting for me, despite my challenges and moments of frustration I’ve experienced during this process. Fifth, to my loving children and husband who have been by my side and continue to push me to greatness! I hope to continue to be an example for them not only spiritually, but as a decent and caring human being. And to show them that goals and dreams are attainable. My husband has been a strong pillar keeping me grounded and a shoulder to cry on when I critique myself too hard. Sixth, I’d like to thank myself. Not in a egotistical way but I love self reflections. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF! Another accomplishment that I can add to my book of life. Through fear, nerves, the production timeline, the pandemic and mostly how I view myself, I can say the outcome was well. At the end of the day I’m still humbled, still grateful and thankful. Seventh, thank you to the judges and host. Your honest feedback will remain, I’m constantly a student in this unknown territory. The critiques outside of the show have been challenging and frustrating to say the least, but instead of tissue paper skin, I’m developing an alligator dexterity. Eighth, thank you to my unit that I’ve come to call friends and found a genuine love for! The check in moments, from the 8 other human beings that I had to compete against, has been nothing but love from the jump! Ninth, thanks to the amazing band and BGV’s for creating amazingly unique music. Tenth, my voice is unique and different. It has a place, and will be found exactly where it needs to be! This is not goodbye, but simply see you soon…. If I missed anyone charge my head and not my heart. Love, peace and blessings. Till we meet again

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Love you baby girl! @nicole_shaunte 💜💜💜

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