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A student at a historically Black college (HBCU) in Alabama has been found dead nearly one week after he was first reported missing. Adam Dowdell was in his second year at Alabama State University in Montgomery when he never returned to his dorm last week. The 22-year-old’s body was found Monday, reported.

Dowdell’s mother said her son’s friends contacted her they hadn’t heard from him. Toya Cohill ended up contacting police last Wednesday, sparking an investigation that ended Monday with the discovery of his body in Montgomery.

All of the circumstances surrounding Dowdell’s disappearance were not immediately clear. However, what is known is that Dowdell went to an ATM with a fellow student the night of Sept. 8. That was the last time anybody heard from him. It was not clear what happened to the friend Dowdell went to the bank with.

Alabama State University’s president said in a brief statement that he and the entire university family were mourning Dowdell’s death.

“We all had hoped for a different outcome,” Quinton T. Ross Jr. said about the transfer student majoring in physical education. “Losing a student is always difficult, and the Hornet Nation is in mourning over his death. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with Adam’s mother and the rest of his family and friends as they face this tragic loss.”

Prior to Dowdell’s body being found, his mother said she was desperate to find her son who she affectionately referred to as “Belle.” Cohill even took to her son’s Facebook page to post pleas for help.

She told that she was especially worried because she said Dowdell doesn’t go anywhere without his phone. When she tried to call him and it repeatedly went t voicemail instead of ringing — suggesting the phone was dead — she said she knew it was serious.

“I just want my child back,” she said at the time.

She said he was always in touch with his family.

“He always talks to all of us,” Cohill said. “From my mama to my daughter to my son, somebody’s going to talk to him every day.”

She continued: “This is not like him. I can’t even explain the hurt.”

Dowdell, an Alabama native, grew up in the town of Alabaster, which is about 68 miles north of Montgomery.


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