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When you send your children off to college you already have anxiety about your baby going away and them getting mixed up in college ‘life’.  This story reminds us of what happened to Breonna Taylor, fortunately no one was physically hurt however the emotional scares will probably last forever as police stormed a college freshman dorm room over a alleged prank fake police reporting.

Christin Evans, 17 year old Freshman, was sleep in her dormroom bed at Stephen F. Austin State University in Houston when at 3am when police stormed her room with guns drawn on her.


According to a report Christin Evans was a victim of “swatting,” a dangerous prank that is intended to provoke police to respond with force, employing a SWAT team.  Allegedly her 3 white roommates along with 7 other students told authorities that Christin Evans threatened them with a knife, a claim that was found to be false after authorities pulled up security cameras proving she was innocent.

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