Community Affairs Show: Dr. Jeri Dyson Brings Blood Cancer Awareness to The African American Community

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Dr. Jeri Dyson

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Based on Research from Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, African Americans are twice as likely to be diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma but have BETTER outcomes than whites when diagnosed early and given proper treatment.

“African American myeloma patients were shown to have a lower-risk genetic profile and thus should achieve treatment results equal to—or even better than—those seen in other myeloma patient populations. But barriers to appropriate treatment and lack of awareness of the disease (on the part of both patients and community health care providers) contribute to treatment approaches inconsistent with current recommended practice. To overcome these barriers and more effectively manage their disease, African American patients need to stay informed about these unique disease and management considerations. African American patients are 50% less likely to undergo a stem cell transplantation, even though this treatment provides the same survival benefit for African American and Caucasian myeloma patients. African American patients are less likely than Caucasian patients to be treated with Velcade or Revlimid—despite the fact that Velcade has largely become the standard of care for myeloma patients. ”  – MMRF

Cheryl Jackson talks with Dr. Jeri Dyson about her personal journey with her battle with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer.  On today’s Community Affairs Show we share the importance of bringing awareness to Blood Cancer in the African American Community.
About Dr. Jeri Dyson:

A native of Washington, DC Jeri A. Dyson, M.D. is an adolescent medicine physician specializing in sexuality, intimacy and effective teen-parent communication. In her current position as Founding President of Global Girls Global Women, Inc. Dr. Jeri devotes her full time to national and global programs for girls and women.  Known as one of today’s foremost thinkers of global teen health, Dr. Jeri has more than 20 years of experience and brings real-life issues to the table with her practical and engaging lectures. A dynamic speaker for audiences of all ages, her focus is to raise awareness on the growing number of global issues displacing girls and women.

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