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If you chose CNN as your preferred network to watch 2020 election coverage, you probably felt comfort seeing the face of a Black woman, Abby Phillip, on the panel of pundits. We’re here to praise the articulate beauty as she continues to share her voice while Trump and Biden duke it out over battleground states Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

Phillip, a seasoned political correspondent with a robust resume, has been a fixture on The Lead With Jake Tapper, this week, alongside Tapper and Dana Bash. Phillip is always on-point.

Taking us behind the scenes, the White House correspondent, posted a photo on her Instagram account showing herself getting touched up by hair and MUA Tiffany Naté. While Nate keeps Phillip looking fresh-faced despite all the hours she’s been putting in the studio, CNN hair and makeup artist Ebony McGee tends to her tresses.

We’re not the first to notice Phillip’s flawless face. Her makeup artist has been sharing praises from her followers on social media. “I just want to acknowledge how important hair and makeup teams are when you have a demanding job or big event,” said Bay Area MUA Sophia Olivia. Naté responded in agreement with Olivia. “We do our best so they can do their best,” she wrote.

As a Black woman, we face added pressure to maintain a professional image. Our hair and wardrobe also heavily scrutinized in comparison to our white counterparts. Phillip has managed to skip hours of sleep and still look rested between takes while delivering her talking points.

“Donald Trump’s political career began with the racist birther lie. It may very well end with a Black woman in the White House” she said during one of her powerful segments talking about Kamala Harris potentially making history as the first Black woman to become Vice President of the United States.

And how’s this for a full circle moment, Phillip’s MUA Nate is a Howard alum like Kamala. Black women rule the world.


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