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Baltimore County has been vigilant against the Coronavirus by implementing a ‘Social Distance Task Force’. The task force has inspected over 5,200 establishments since March and the 30-member team is looking to expand.

Maybe you knew about this already but I just got hip thanks to WBAL. They were given an exclusive look into the task force’s operations, goals, and how they’ve mobilized in the face of some of the darkest times we’ve experienced.

It’s weird because when I think of “task force”, I think of high fines and penalties but this task force has other goals in mind. “Our ultimate goal when we go out is not to penalize anyone it is to do more education as well because some people aren’t familiar with the governor’s orders,” said Marcus Johnson, a member of the Social Distancing Task Force. Johnson also serves as Fire Director with the BCFD Office of the Fire Marshal.

“If a violation is noted, we try our best to resolve it with verbal (communication), but unfortunately, sometimes, (it) results in a civil penalty or a correction notice being issued. If they are not in compliance, one, we will try to educate them. Two, we would issue them a violation notice that’s basically the warning. Anything beyond that could unfortunately end up with a $5,000 citation or a temporary closure of the structure for an unsafe business,” Johnson continued.

They’re Hiring

Apparently the task force is hiring civilians as part of a plan to expand. The job pays $25/HR and they’re looking to hiring 10 civilians. It’s interesting because COVID-19 has ripped so many opportunities from under our fingertips but it also has created others.

It’s blissful when those opportunities help our city and country’s fight against the virus.

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