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89th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Christmas is usually a time of decorating their trees with lights and ornaments, especially the ones that are over the top.

Some of those who love Mariah Carey decided to take their admiration one step further no matter what the results might be.

From Uproxx:

One fan tried to do this by placing an ornament of the singer on their tree, but it was so deformed that Carey herself had to chime — and she did not approve.

Taking to Twitter to share a photo of the ornament, the fan said the “festive” decor item was a gift from his husband.

The ornament was supposed to be a recreation of Carey’s 1994 ‘Merry Christmas’ album cover.  It was a good try, but you could see the face does not match that of the “All I Want for Christmas is You” singer.

It was a good try though as Kyle Blaine explains on Twitter:

Now, here is Carey with her thoughts on Twitter:

Others took to Twitter to give their opinions on the ornament as well.

One user even put the ornament on the ‘Merry Christmas’ album cover in place of the real thing!

No word yet from Carey on that tweet, but Blaine did respond on his Twitter page he was surprised to get a response from the diva herself.

Well, all he got for Christmas was a response from MC and everyone on a very creative ornament that will be remembered for years to come.


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Article Courtesy of Uproxx

First Picture Courtesy of Noam Galai and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of James Devaney and Getty Images

First through Sixth Tweet and Third through Tenth Picture Courtesy of Twitter and Uproxx

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