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Garner Style x Fashion To Figure Ski 21

Source: FashionToFigure / FashionToFigure

And another one! Yes, plus-size influencer  Chastity Garner Valentine and plus-size fashion brand Fashion To Figure are in cahoots again. The two plus-size industry powerhouses just dropped another collection that is a first for both.

Garner Style x Fashion To Figure “Ski 21” is the perfect collection for the curvy fashionistas who isn’t afraid of a little or a whole lot of snow. Based on the visuals, “Ski 21” is a fabulous cohesive collection of pieces that are cozy, sexy, and warm. The collection features 17 pieces of winter Après Ski styles that offer the plus-size community something different while Fashion To Figure remains true to its quality clothing with precise fit.

We all know that Influencer  Chastity Garner Valentine is an OG in plus-size fashion and has the respect of both the plus-size community and industry. Chastity has had her hand on the plus-size community’s pulse since the GarnerStyle blog was created in 2008 and she is the co-founder of The Curvy Con, one of plus-size fashion’s hottest and most successful events. As a pioneer in the plus-size community, Chasity has been featured on platforms such as, New York TimesElle Magazine, and The Today Show, just to name a few; with each opportunity, she uses her voice to empower, influence, and evoke change within the plus-size community and in society. With millions of followers on Beyonce’s internet, and with nearly 12 years in the game, Chastity is no doubt a major player in plus-size fashion.

Garner Style x Fashion To Figure Ski 21

Source: FashionToFigure / FashionToFigure

The collection displays Chastity’s signature style and includes luxe knit separates and outerwear with pieces priced from $49.95 – $249.95. Oh and, the took a page out of the Queen Bey’s book and made the collection gender-neutral with sizes ranging from 0X – 4X (12-28). 
Listen, I’m not a fan of cold weather, I am not a curvy girl who hits the slopes but when I tell you I am headed over to the Fashion To Figure website to grab. several pieces from this collection. FYI, my favorite pieces are listed below.

So, are y’all dropping some coin or nah?! What’s in your cart? Don’t take too long to decide because the collection is sure to sell out.


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