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This season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is really dragging without NeNe (you were thinking it). Yet, as lackluster as each episode’s been, I tune in every week because it is required watching. I love a good read, an expensive fashion moment from Marlo or Tanya; a hair lewk from Porsha or Kandi. As we’ve learned over the years, hair and style are always touchy topics on RHOA. Think: Kenya Moore haircare!

Hair, fashion and finances have always been tools by which social caste is judged. Among these ladies, if you can not bring the style it renders you a target for ridicule. And being the baddest bully on the block is social currency on RHOA. Which is why I assume, Latoya Ali came in with her sights on someone to herb. She thought she was going to make actress Drew Sidora her victim and instead, she got played. Let’s backtrack.

RHOA kicked off last night with the ladies going on a girlfriend’s getaway hosted by Kenya Moore, who instructed her fellow peach holders to meet her at a beachfront home in the Isle of Palms. Kenya and her new bestie Toya arrived separately by private jet. That pretty much laid the foundation for tension between the group before the trip even started. Oh and the fact that Kenya brought her baby girl Brooklyn on the trip but didn’t extend the invite to any of the other girls. I digress.

Since Toya’s debut on RHOA, she’s been obsessed with Drew’s wigs. In her defense, Drew’s wigs need some work but what started as simple shade turned into a mean girl behavior. In an “attempt” to apologize to Drew for talking shady about her wigs, Toya brought something very special in her luggage (that hilariously fell into a ditch on Kenya’s property). And I’m not talking about her ridiculously expensive crocodile Chanel bag. Sis brought a wig. Face palm.

Toya decided to present Drew said wig at dinner and her big mean girl moment didn’t go as planned. Instead of letting Toya get the best of her, she gifted Toya with her own souvenir. The biggest fan award.

Drew personally signed her headshot with “the good wig” made out to Toya, her “biggest fan.”

Ha! Now that backfired.

Mean girl behavior is nothing new on RHOA with hair being a starting point for many rivalries on the show. Marlo and Kenya still hasn’t healed from the time Kenya stormed into her hair launch with a marching band and edge regrowth hair care products. We’ll never forget how upset Kenya got when Tanya exposed she wore extensions. And there was Nene’s “Bye Wig” party, which was nothing more than an attempt to induce vulnerability and expose one another’s flaws and vulnerability for entertainment.

Toya clearly took a page out the RHOA history books, but failed miserably. Hair is a topic these ladies should just stay away from.


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