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Working moms deserve all the praise. Between juggling their children’s virtual school, running a household, and keeping up with their professional careers, their job is never done. Add entrepreneurship on top of that and you’ve created a real-life superwoman that can handle anything!

Take mompreneur, Janelle Stephens, for example. She’s the CEO, founder, and super mom of five, who created the popular beauty brand Camille Rose right from her kitchen! She created the brand in 2011 to help heal and cure her children’s eczema and eventually, turned the brand into a multi-million dollar business! Talk about a boss babe!

We caught up with Janelle about her life as a mompreneur, her inspiration behind her product, and how she prevents burnout during the pandemic.

HelloBeautiful: What was the vision behind creating Camille Rose?

Janelle Stephens: Camille Rose was created out of a need for products that were rich in moisture. I struggled to find natural products that delivered on what the label said it would do. I needed something that would lock moisture into my hair and skin. Something that would provide relief for dry and itchy skin and scalp issues. Ingredients were also key for me. I love formulating with different herbs, oils, and organic butters.

HB: Can you explain what Camille Rose is and the benefits of use?


Janelle: Camille Rose prides itself on handcrafting hair and body treatments using gourmet ingredients. We firmly believe in what can be put on your body you should also be able to put in your body. We believe that if you are treating your internal body well then it will show on your outer appearance. 

HB: Why was it important for you to create Camille Rose?

Janelle: I truly turned my hobby into a business. I got into formulating hair, skin, and body products in my kitchen out of a need for moisture-rich products for my family. It was 2011.  My kids were experiencing issues with severe dryness on their skin as well as their hair. I tried some topicals, but I just wasn’t satisfied. I grew tired of relying on prescriptions for a quick fix and decided to take matters into my own hands. I took a year to research natural emollients, herbs, and oils and begin formulating with them to see if they made a difference for us. And they did! I wanted to share my creations with everyone! I simply created a website telling my story and began selling Camille Rose products with the rest of the world.  

HB: How do you juggle being an entrepreneur and a mom?

Janelle: I just take it one day at a time. My schedule is very hectic and can be very overwhelming. Pacing myself helps me with feeling like I am taking on too much at one time. I just reassure myself that I am my best when I am in control of what is needed and what is expected from me. 

HB: What are some tips that working moms can do to prevent burnout, especially during the pandemic?

Janelle: As a CEO and a momtrepreneur finding balance is a key priority to happiness, I make sure to set aside time for things that spark joy like cooking, working out, or just laughing with friends. 

HB: Any other quick skincare tips you can share for both busy children and working moms?

Janelle: Yes! Always keep a great moisture-rich cream on hand. Something that can be used on the face and body. Our Cupuacu Sweet Cream is an all-over body nourisher. It not only smells great but it’s rich and gentle enough for the entire family. 

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