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Aunt Jemima products seen displayed on supermarket shelves.

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After protests over the murder of George Floyd took over the nation made a huge impact on how a lot of individuals looked at themselves, a lot of companies had to do the same thing.

One of them was the makers behind the once-iconic Aunt Jemima pancakes and syrup brand.  Now, it is finally going the way of Uncle Ben’s and being replaced.

Those two got the most press as the ones that would likely be casualties in a society that would no longer tolerate outdated brandings.  Ben’s was the first to go and was renamed Ben’s Originals.

Now, it’s Jemima’s turn to pack up her bags and go.

From Bossip:

While many companies haven’t done anything and hoped people would forget, PepsiCo announced today it’s finally gotten a new name and packaging for the breakfast lineup. Aunt Jemima will now be known as Pearl Milling Company, with the name paying homage to the 19th-century company that originally created the ready-made pancake mix. You can take a look at the new imagery and product packing below.

This comes after Quaker Oats, which is part of PepsiCo, had promised to “remove” Jemima from all of the packagings.

PepsiCo says the change came with “inclusivity in mind” and they have also “promised to contribute $1 million toward causes that will uplift Black women and girls” very shortly.

So what do you think?  Will you continue to purchase the brand now known as Pearl Milling Company?


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