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Habakkuk 2:2 says “Write the vision and make it plain”.  This week on the Community Affairs Show Cheryl Jackson talks with our resident Life Coach, Gail Crowder and Transformational Lifestyle Consultant, Tawawn Lowe about Ways To Accomplish your goals.

We begin each year with all types of things we’d like to do differently.  From New Year’s resolutions to Vision Boards we go into the year strong.  However, as we moths go by the goals begin to fall short.  So, today we will share knowledge on how to set achievable goals.  As a vision board expert,Tawawn shares the concept of transforming visions into goals and goals into result.  We even talks about effective ways to develop your vision.   We start with the basics of what is vision and what are goals and how do we get positive results.

This show will help see your vision, plan for the vision and then watch it come to pass.


About Gail Crowder:  Gail Crowder is the owner of Gail Crowder LLC and the Bringing Sexy Back Experience.  She is a relationship expert, speaker, teacher, Author, Marriage and Life Coach,  Personal and Relationship Consultancy and Certified Master Sexpert.  Find out about her group and one on one sessions at

About Tawawn Lowe:  Tawawn has blended her Bachelor of Science – Behavioral Studies degree, certified life coaching, facilitator, project management for success, and strategy planning credentials, and over 25+ years of professional experience (coach, counselor, facilitator, mediator, mentor, trainer) to assist organization with talent management; and individuals with maximizing their potential, transforming visions-goals into results, and achieving success. For more information log on to