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Hip-Hop music is known to move souls as well as body parts whenever played at high volumes, but did y’all know it can also affect how surgeons perform surgical procedures? Not in a negative way either.

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According to Daily Mail, researchers found that when Hip-Hop music is played at operating theaters while medical students were performing their operating procedures, it led to more efficient outcomes than one would expect. As part of the experiment, researchers from Germany looked at the effect that music would have on THE surgeons’ performances and used four genres of music as part of their tests: Classical, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Radio music.

For their study, the German team monitored 82 medical students as they performed laparoscopic exercises in a theatre while the four categories of music played. What they found was that both Classical and Hip-Hop led to more efficient outcomes while Rock and Radio music proved to be less effective. Can’t say we’re surprised to be honest.

Fabian Riedel, who led the study, said: ‘Our findings suggest that certain genres of music may have benefits for students during surgical training, which could make the process more efficient.’

Yes, we know, Hip-Hop music is the greatest genre of music in the history of mankind.

Unfortunately, they didn’t specify which songs were played or which artists were used. There’s a huge difference between performing surgery with Drake crooning in your ears and DMX talkin’ about “Surgery with the chainsaw!” Rest In Power, X.

Still, it’s good to know that Hip-Hop continues to prove to be as productive for society as it’s been entertaining. Who knows what else researchers will find about the effects music has on humanity as we move forward in the future, but we expect more positivity than not.

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