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This week on the Community Affairs Show Cheryl Jackson talks with Rhonda Green, Author and Funeral Services Manager at First Baptist Church of Glenarden.  It is a priority to have an Exit Plan.  An Exit Plan is a completed document that includes final wishes and important information needed to carry out arrangements when a death occurs. It is made up of questions to be answered when you or a loved one transitions, in order to conduct services that meet the deceased’s wishes. Completing documents in advance allows the family to be at their loved one’s bedside when they transition rather than frantically running around attempting to put the many pieces together to carry out a service.

Rhonda Green has made it easy for you to get all of your affairs in order.  She’s written a book and workbook titled THE EXIT PLAN.  To purchase, log on to


About Rhonda Green:

Rhonda Green’s compassion to console grieving hearts began when she was a young child. At funerals with her mom, she passed out programs and tissues to comfort bereaved family members. When she was 12, her grandmother became very ill; Rhonda knew in her heart that her grandmother was dying and felt a compelling need to be with her. During that moment, Rhonda played a pivotal role as she held her dear grandmother’s hand while she slipped away into eternity. That was the beginning of her life passion to help people and families transition. In 1997, Rhonda began working at her church, the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Maryland. Within a few years, she became the Funeral Coordinator providing funeral and memorial services full time to members and families in the community.

Today, Rhonda serves as the Funeral Services Manager at First Baptist. She educates members and the community on how to get their house in order in preparation for their final days. Together with her team, she continues to provide services that are of the highest quality and most detailed protocol. Rhonda is the author and founder of My Exit Plan, which was birthed in 2018 and published in 2019. From coast to coast and beyond the continental United States, Rhonda shares My Exit Plan and her wealth of information to educate people and spare them the stress of making emotionally charged decisions. Her partnership with a host of end-of-life planners includes funeral directors, attorneys, insurance providers, and cemeteries, provides timely information that enables her audiences to plan for the future of their loved ones beyond death.