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National Bald is Beautiful Day on September 13th honors noggins without hair. Being bald brings a beauty all its own.

Not only does baldness come in many forms, but it also comes with some convenience. For men especially, the cost of hair products and haircuts is reduced. Additionally, reduced grooming time for men who find no more hair on time must be a relief.However, hair loss can be considered stressful for both men and women. Whether the cause is due to illness, medication, family heritage or age, most people hope to keep their hair for as long as possible.

Bald is beautiful in so many ways. By going bald, we shed our vanity regarding our hair. Baldness is a vulnerability. Those who have hair loss of any kind know this feeling. Facing it head-on by taking off what once might have been a mantel of glory takes courage.

Others may choose baldness. The inconvenience of haircare is more than they have time for.  They prefer the shiny and smooth pate over the maintenance of a regular haircut. However, once shorn, they do need to maintain the shave and wear sun protection. The newly shorn scalp is sensitive to the sun.

Whatever the reason, most find baldness freeing. Some even shave to support a friend going through an illness. Their solidarity is a visual reminder that they are not alone.


No need for hats, scarfs or cover-ups of any kind. Let it all shine! Share photos of your chrome beauty using the #NationalBaldIsBeautifulDay on social media.


We were unable to find the creator of National Bald is Beautiful Day.

source:  National Day Calendar


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