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Washington Wizards Media Day

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Training camp has begun throughout the NBA and that means the new season is getting closer and closer. Media Day always kicks things off for the week for each team. This is the time to catch up with the players and see what their goals are for this coming season plus what they’ve worked on over the summer. Since we are still in a pandemic and there is a heavy push for everyone to get vaccinated, this year’s questions were mainly centered around that. Washington Wizards All-Star guard Bradley Beal caused a lot of commotion with his response to the semi-awkward to ask question “Are you vaccinated?”


Beal responded to the question saying he wasn’t vaccinated for “personal reasons”. He also shared that he doesn’t feel pressure to get vaccinated and he will do what’s best for his family. *Update* On day two of training camp, Beal shares that he isn’t encouraging others to not get the vaccine. He continues by saying that he is actually ineligible to get the vaccine since he recently tested positive for COVID. He states that he will continue to educate himself and once he is cleared is will make the decision.

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