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While visiting Jamaica for the first time in October 2021, my family and I learned of a holiday that was being celebrated during our stay in the country. Heroes Day is celebrated in Jamaica every year on the third Monday in October. On this day the Jamaican National Heroes are celebrated and honored for their efforts to challenge the institution of colonialism. These public figures impacted Jamaica’s history by giving social and political freedom to its people.

During this Holiday various celebrations are held including concerts and services to commemorate the heroes as well as award ceremonies to honor and reward those who are currently making an outstanding contribution to the Jamaican society.

The Jamaican National Heroes are:

  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey
  • Norman Washington Manley
  • Alexander Bustamante
  • Samuel Sharpe
  • Nanny of the Maroons
  • George William Gordon
  • Paul Bogle



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