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Chief Malik Aziz

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This week on the Community Affairs Show, Cheryl Jackson talks with Prince Georges County’s Police Chief Malik Aziz.

Aziz started his career with the Dallas Police Department 29 years ago, serving as deputy chief for nearly a decade. He’s also the former executive director of the National Black Police Association and is widely seen as a reformer and strong proponent of community policing. Chief Aziz also presented to the President’s task force on 21st Century Police in 2014 during the Obama administration.

Chief Aziz shares his perspective of Community Policing and the the things the department has done thus far to reform the Prince Georges County Police Department.

With rising car thefts and car jackings in our region Chief Aziz also shares somethings we can do to prevent these senseless acts:

Always lock your vehicle: A locked vehicle makes it more difficult for a thief to take your valuables.

Remove valuables: Remove your laptop computer, GPS and other valuables from your car. An empty car is less likely to draw the attention of a would-be thief.

Conceal belongings: If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, cover them or place them in a closed container. Additionally, security blankets or shields will remove these items from plain view. Inform your children to cover their belongings or place them under their seat. This will ensure items are not seen through the vehicle’s windows.

 Remove keys from your vehicle: Surprisingly, there have been several incidents in which residents left their car keys in an unlocked vehicle.

 Remind teenage household drivers to lock doors: Communicate with all drivers within your home, especially teenagers, the importance of locking their car doors and adhering to the other precautions.


  • Pay attention to your surroundings when entering or exiting your vehicle
    • If something “feels wrong” or there are unknown individuals loitering in or around your vehicle or desired parking spot, choose a different place to park or if possible, don’t go to your car
  • Enlist family members and neighbors to watch out for one another when leaving or entering residences in your neighborhood. Make sure that person is paying attention so in the unlikely event a carjacking occurs, they can promptly notify law enforcement and provide details on vehicles and/or people they see.
  • If carjacked, call 911 as soon as it is safe to do so.