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Puerto Rico just can’t catch a break. The majority of the island is still without electricity after a major power grid caught fire.


As per The New York Times the territory once known as La Isla Boriqua is still on a very slow pace to getting back to normalcy after a fire ravaged a power plant on Thursday, April 7. Since then power has been restored in certain areas throughout the United States territory but according to an estimated 400,000 homes are still without any juice. Private Canadian-American consortium Luma released a statement on what they believe triggered the fire. “The energy grid has suffered a massive island wide outage, potentially caused by a failed circuit breaker at Costa Sur power plant”.

Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority, known as PREPA, recently shared some images from the plant to their Twitter account and the visuals show heavy charring throughout the site.

As a result schools were remained closed today (Friday, April 8) but essential staffers continued to report to work in order to support hospitals and government agencies. This is just yet another hardship Puerto Rico has had to endure throughout the last couple of calendars. In 2017 Hurricane Maria devastated the island leaving some communities with no power for more than over a year.


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