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Erica Campbell: Grace is unmerited I didn’t deserve it the favor of God manifested in salvation in blessing. The grace of God has brought me to where I am. I know many people who have done the exact same things, had a manager wrote a song, went on the road and did all the things, and still didn’t end up in the same place. But the grace of God got me here. The grace of God got me beyond, you know, growing up in a big old family and being poor. The grace of God got me beyond living in a two-bedroom apartment with 13 people in it. The grace of God got me through this music career without losing my mind. Without succumbing to a lot of the things that go along with being in the music industry. Without being tempted to walk away from God. Did I make some mistakes? Absolutely. In God’s grace always drew me right back because it was always better than everything else I was trying to choose.

Man, I’ve had so many moments where I could feel God from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. And those moments were so powerful. So in the moments when I didn’t feel it. And the moments when I was maybe far away from God, because I wasn’t as connected wasn’t going to church wasn’t reading the word. Wasn’t praying. I remembered what it was like to be in the presence of God. And that’s what drew me back. And that’s what held my hand. And that’s what carried me and that’s what covered me, the grace of God.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been kept from accidents. And maybe somebody’s trying to rob me. I don’t know how many times I was kept. Because listen, we had a family full of girls. We did not always lock our door and my father would be so upset. Because we just wouldn’t. I don’t know why we did. And we just didn’t lock our door. And you know, the Bible says he’ll take care of babies and fools. I don’t know which one we were. But God took care of us that I know for sure. And yes, we had tragedy. And yes, we had issues and yes, our house caught on fire like three, four times. Because you know, when you got a bunch of kids trying to cook, they’re gonna make mistakes. They’re gonna do dumb stuff. But God always brought us back. God always redeemed us. And I just, man, I love God so much. That song “I Love God” is real. Like, I really love him. Like maybe you don’t you what’s wrong with you, you don’t understand that goodness in the grace of God, the Creator of the universe, and what he’s given you? and what you’re entitled to as a believer. You don’t know that? What’s wrong. You Trippin? And so maybe, maybe you went to church, but you didn’t really fall in love with Jesus. And I pray that you fall in love and Jesus, maybe you just turned on this station by accident. I don’t think it’s an accident. I think divine. It’s a divine appointment so you can hear me tell you how much God loves you. How much the grace of God is over your life.


And I know you feel like if God’s grace is on my life, why has it been so hard? Sometimes God is just trying to get your attention. He just wants you to say yes. So you can feel that love. And that grace and that power. And that authority. God kept me, he kept my family. He’s keeping my mama. He’s kept us in. I’m so so grateful. Because I know it ain’t because I deserve it. I know. It’s not because I’m so awesome. And I’m so good. And I did everything right. It’s just because he’s a good good father. And I’m so grateful for that love. And I’m honored to tell people about it, and I’m honored to sing about it. And I’m honored to be a first lady to tell people about how good God is. It is a blessing to my soul. And I would never want to do anything else other than telling everybody about Jesus.



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