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There is wonder to be found in snowflakes, raindrops, and even strange bugs.  Though we often don’t love the idea of encountering too many of those things, if we stop and look, if we allow ourselves to really see what is there, it’s pretty amazing.

The same can be true of God’s Word.   It may be displayed in various forms and places throughout our homes, schools, work places, or church building, but if we don’t stop to really drink in the words that are there, we can miss the rich blessing behind them.  When we believe that God wants to encourage us through his Word, we will no doubt find encouragement in it because God intended it to be used for that purpose!  Don’t gloss over the beauty and depth of His Word.  It’s the only Word that carries the richness of eternity.


Psalm 119:174-175 (TPT) I wait for your deliverance, O Lord, for your words thrill me like nothing else!  Invigorate my life so that I can praise you even more, and may your truth be my strength!


God help me not to gloss over the beauty and depth of your Word.  Only your Word carries the richness of eternity and the encouragement I need for each new day.