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A popular restaurant in Prince George’s County is receiving some backlash after a customer was found dead in the women’s restroom and the establishment remained open during the entire ordeal.

According to reports, the incident happened on Oct. 12 at Jasper’s Restaurant in Upper Marlboro. The woman was attending a family reunion planning session before she was later found deceased.

NBC News reported that the family had just paid the bill before one of them went to the restroom.


“She went to the women’s room and when members of the family got up to leave and she hadn’t come back, they went to check on her,” Rosenthal said. “Someone found her unconscious, notified our employees and we jumped into the scene and called 911. Police arrived within minutes.”

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The Prince George’s County Police Department responded to a crowded Jasper’s Restaurant just before 7 p.m.

Additionally, it is being reported that Jasper’s didn’t close when the situation unfolded and continued to seat customers. A curtain barrier was put up around the women’s restroom where the family gathered, and the men’s restroom was converted into a unisex restroom.

Officials said the body was removed by the coroner’s office almost two hours after their police responded to the location which was around 9 p.m. The body was taken out of a side entrance so as not to disturb other diners and the restaurant stayed open until midnight continuing to seat diners until then.

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