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Sad Woman

Source: Storyblocks / storyblocks


Picture a young girl running a race.  She leaps off to a great start when the gun sounds.  She pushes her way to the front of the park in no time and sets a pace that is tough to compete with.  As she rounds the final corner with the finish line in sight, she stumbles.  She tries desperately ro regain her balance, but it’s too late.  She crashes to the ground.  Trying to be brave, she jumps up and sprints the final yards to complete the race.  Fourth place.

Head hung low, skinned knees burning, and vision blurry, she walks over to her coach.  He gently lifts her chin to the sun, and brushes away the tears that have spilled over.  As her bottom lip begins to quiver, he reassures her that everything is going to be ok.  That life is full of painful moments that creep up unexpectedly, but it’s also full of second chances.  “Don’t give up on yourself,” he says, “I haven’t given up on you.”


Psalm 3:3 NASB You, O Lord, are a shield about me, My glory, and the One who lifts my head.


God, when I’ve given up, run away, lost the plot, or stumbled and fallen, you don’t give up on me.  When I come to you with my head hung low, you lift my chin, look deep into my eyes, and whisper tender words of compassion that reach the deepest places in my heart.  I am blessed.