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I Don’t Want You to Fail| Ericaism

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Listen, I would consider myself a sensitive person. I’m not super sensitive, but I’m sensitive to the pain of others. I do not get joy out of seeing other people fall or make mistakes. It is heartbreaking for me. Whether it is fellow gospel artists or even people that I don’t necessarily know, when you know when I see people’s marriages in trouble or churches or, you know, people have these issues, I’m not one of those Christians that gets mad. I’m always like, gosh, like was there, where was there a time when someone could? You know, maybe gave them a word of warning. 

Was there a moment where they could have heard something that would make them make the right decision? We’re all tempted to make the wrong decisions. It’s it’s possible for everybody. Say, listen, the enemy works 24/7 trying to take you down trying to make you do the wrong thing. He’s always on your case. Whether it is laziness. Or selfishness, or whatever anger, being vindictive, envious, whatever. He’s always trying to get you caught up in a trick.  

It’s so heartbreaking, especially when you see their potential when you see their greatness and you know that they could do greater things. So my heart posture is when I see something I’m going to always gently say something, say something in love. It’s not always received, but because. I care about you more than I care about how you feel about me. I’ll be willing to go out on a limb and say, hey, that’s not a that’s not a good choice. Hey, I saw you hanging around and you know that that ain’t your wife. You you good y’all good. You know, and sometimes people will say they are. They won’t be honest and it’s heartbreaking. 

Then all I can do is pray. I know when they stand before God, I won’t be there and God won’t ask me how often I was trying to help someone, but doesn’t mean that I will stop because I really care about people. I care about them being their absolute best cause. Here’s what I believe with all my heart that God has something great for all of us, but it requires your obedience. It inquires intentionality. 

You don’t get to greatness by happenstance and coincidence. You don’t coincidentally become a LeBron James or Michael. That is intentional. You don’t coincidentally become Oprah. That is intentionality that is making sacrifices and being disciplined and making good choices and understanding. Quorum and you know and having self-respect and respect for others, it means that you get it. And unfortunately a lot of our younger people who move to prominence, they get there really quickly. So they don’t understand all the steps. That it takes to maintain because they give some steps. You know, they missed some of the lessons where they said you gotta watch what you say or you won’t get there cause they got there and they said anything and everything. 

So then the fall is bigger and it’s just more devastating. I’m just sharing my heart with y’all. I really do care about people and I want to see people win. I love the Grace and mercy of God and I know. That God is a God for her who forgives. But there’s a song by The Winans that says it’s good to know he’ll be there if ever I fall. 


But it’s better to know that I don’t have to fall at all. So I’m praying for us to all make better decisions, I’m praying for us to be aware when the enemy is trying to trick you and take you down. 

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