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Joys & Concerns: Go ahead, girl!

Joys & Concerns

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It’s time for Joys and Concerns with GRIFF from the Get Up Church of Our Lord, Pentecostal Non-denominational, Denominational AME CME-E and LMNOP Apostolic Church of God and Christ! Here’s what Brother GRIFF had to say about best friends!

Brother GRIFF:

You know, I moved to Atlanta earlier this year and just missing the Dallas get up church and then I’ll come yesterday. See TJ for the first time. J done lost so much weight. See I thought Erica lost these two next to each other. Look like the number 11. 

I’m concerned at my own weight. Like, we look like 110. If we all stand next to each other. I’m concerned that I’m the only one that’s not losing weight. Y’all know I love her wigs and TJ is so small. It looked like she got 6 wigs on, she got a tiny face. Now don’t start blowing her DM up now. You had a chance. Ohh yeah. Let me find. Out she got on some dates. TJ sitting out, look how she fixing her blouse. 

I don’t understand what’s going on. Getting ready for some of Jesus. She getting ready for something. And I’m not in the loop. And I know somebody in that car right now saying grip send me a picture. No, you could say ain’t you all? Yes, it looks like she got ferrets on the top of her head. She’s so small, you can say. 

But if you like me and you see number one over here, number one over there and you are whole 0, then you can just say 80. That one team grew. We these two, I’m so lol I get in the middle of. Y’all Erica look like a whole teenager. Don’t nobody, don’t shift it to rain. Get your summer body. Go ahead, girl. Get your Kirk Franklin on. 




Everybody’s supposed to be quiet in the movie, though. Don’t say nothing!  🤣



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