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Love Holds Us Together | Ericaism

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I come from a big family y’all know that and I’m always. It’s always funny that when things get a little sticky and a little difficult, we know how to come together. We do not always agree and we are loud and we talk over one another, but there’s something that hold us. Holds us together and that is our love for one. 


Our honor and respect for our mother and father, that no matter how angry that we get, I don’t think me and me or my sisters have ever gone to blows like, well, that one time with Tina Lily, but I digress. Listen, it’s love that holds us together. 


That no matter how much we may disagree or be bothered by something or not understand, it is our love. Of and as we’ve gotten older, much more respect for one another. That holds us together and it’s my prayer when you have strong families that stick together and those families go out into the world, they share that stability, that love with others. 



And so I’m praying strength in your family. I pray that love. Be the glue that holds you together. Every family has secrets, every family has things, every family has this stuff. But I pray that there is enough God and enough love within your family to where you know how to come together, how to repent and apologize, how to be there for one another. 


Please, please don’t walk away from family. Please don’t just throw them away.nnI know that sometimes you can’t be around each other all the time because everybody’s different.  But my prayer is that the love of God hold your family together. 


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