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Israel & NewBreed - SOP 2024 Performer

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The 16th Annual Spirit of Praise is coming to you live on Saturday, October 12th at Reid Temple AME at 5pm with performance by Israel & New Breed plus so many more!


Learn more about Israel & New Breed:

Israel Houghton is a six-time GRAMMY®-winning gospel singer-songwriter, band leader, and innovator whose 20-year career with the musical collective NewBreed has taken him around the world, growing and adapting in surprising ways over a very transformative stretch of music and cultural history. Most recently, as the isolation and danger of a global pandemic rocked the music industry, Houghton, renowned for his live performance and live albums, became an early champion of the livestream format by sharing a regular livestream combining music and worship services for a stay-at-home audience alongside his wife Adrienne, co-host of The Real and his frequent musical collaborator.

Since the release of his first studio album in 1997, Houghton has looked to the live performance format as a means to that very end, including 2004’s Live From Another Level and 2005’s Alive in South Africa, the latter of which won the GRAMMY® Award for Best Traditional Gospel Album. Houghton would later take home three awards for Best Pop / Contemporary Gospel Album and eventually a Best Gospel Album award for 2015’s Covered: Alive In Asia, his previous live album. Worship Anywhere: Live from Camp New Breed becomes an important part of that canon, and a symbol not only of the innovative and inspired streak that runs through Houghton and NewBreed’s live work, but also of the tenacity of the communities around the world who have found novel ways to stick together and support one another even in the midst of the most unexpected and disorienting years.

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