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Black Hairdresser Preparing Client's Hair Before Cutting And Styling

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Natiajah, a hairstylist and MUA based in Atlanta, Georgia, gave a customer a heartwarming gift for Mother’s Day that left her happy patron in tears.

A video shared on Natiajah’s Instagram page on May 8 captured her styling the hair of a hardworking mother of four. While primping her customer’s freshly done tresses, Natiajah informed the matriarch that her hair would be free of charge.

“God put it in my heart,” she said as her client burst into tears of joy.  

While narrating the heartfelt tale, Natiajah expressed her desire to do something extraordinary for the patron, affectionately dubbed “Superwoman.” Recognizing the challenges of raising four children in a costly economy, she generously offered the hairstyle as a celebratory gesture for the young mother, free of charge.

Moved to tears, the overwhelmed and appreciative client expressed boundless gratitude to Natiajah for the unexpected and touching gift.

“Thank you so much. I’m still going to tip you, but thank you so much. Oh my God, you have such a beautiful spirit. God is so good… I’m about to take my kids to that jumping place. Now, I got a little extra money.”

Fans react to Natiajah’s sweet Mother’s Day gift.

In the comments section, fans applauded Natiajah’s kind gesture.

“This is what uplifting another Black woman looks like, the weight you took off this woman’s shoulder is priceless….. just love women like you,”  one user wrote while reacting to the Atlanta hairstylist’s incredible gift.

Another fan penned, “Look at God!! Wow, that’s amazing!! Girl I’m trying to get this at peace with my life and build my relationship with God.”

A third Instagram user commented, “U can tell u didn’t do it for clout. It was a very genuine moment. Sometimes God will tell you to do things just out the blue. And she really appreciated it. This was very sweet of you.”

In the caption, Natiajah emphasized that her decision to offer the mom a free visit was not done for clicks and likes, but from the kindness of her heart. 

“The point I wanna get across is to spread kindness to those around you. You NEVER KNOW how you can be a help to someone else,” the Atlanta-based hairstylist penned.

Mothers carry immense responsibilities, often forgetting to prioritize self-care. Let’s shower NatiaJah with love for giving this mother the ultimate holiday gift—a moment to rejuvenate and replenish herself.

This was so sweet!



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