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What is financial sextortion you may ask? Sextortion is where an offender coerces a minor to create sexually explicit content of themselves. The suspect then threatens to release the content to family and friends unless the minor sends the offender more video and images for sexual gratification or pays them money for financial gain.

FBI authorities have issued an urgent warning about these new upcoming threats preying on teens. Teenage boys have been the larger target in this matter.

Some of the children are as young as 4 and 5 years old.

In Delaware County alone, there were 48 reports of sextortion in 2023, and this year is on the pace to doubling that number.

The FBI said that the Sextortion uprising has led some victims to self harm and even committed suicide.

Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is working to attack the problem.

In one incident that happened back in March of 2022, a 17 year old boy became a victim where the offenders demanded $5,000 to get rid of the explicit images. The 17 year old was only able to send $150 because that is all he had. They not only demanded more but harassed him over the phone for 5 hours until he complied. This resulted in him taking his own life.

Earlier in the month, President Biden signed the REPORT Act. This Act requires intervened and social media companies to report a wide range of crimes happening on their sites such as grooming and enticement.


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