Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell

On the eve of a possible big night for Jason McGee & The Choir at the 53rd NAACP Image Awards, Erica and GRIFF got a chance to chop it up with the group's leader to discuss new music, his side project with Maverick City Music and how he's getting fly for the red carpet.

To help premiere his new single, "All In Your Hands," gospel legend Marvin Sapp joins Erica & GRIFF in the 'Get Up!' church to explain how he's stayed relevant for all these years and his hopes to one day usher in a new and young gospel star that will continue his legacy within the genre.

Today's "Wake Up & Win" sees Dr. Willie Jolley keeping the Black History Month theme going by focusing on the resilient story of Jesse Owens, a track and field icon that famously proved the nefarious Adolf Hitler wrong by winning big during the unforgettable 1936 Summer Olympics. 

In today's "Wake Up & Win," Dr. Willie Jolley revisits the inspiring story of Black sports pioneer Satchel Paige as a way of breaking down the concept of mind over matter. 

We got a chance to speak with NAACP president Derrick Johnson to get an idea on what to expect at the Image Awards this weekend, in addition to his take on the topic of student debt and why voting matters when it comes to the Black community. 

In an effort to have a serious conversation about high blood pressure in our community, Erica and GRIFF are joined by Coach Gessie Thompson & Dr. Peggy Roberts for a special segment of "Healthy Ever After."

Although a good portion of our lives is controlled by the pursuit of making money, Dr. Willie Jolley dedicates his "Wake Up & Win" for today to something all the more greater: dreams!

Erica and GRIFF spoke with 'ABC News Live Prime' anchor Linsey Davis to talk about Black history in her field, a hope to one day eliminate "Black firsts" as a headline and how conversations about death with her young son helped spark the direction of her new children's book, 'How High Is Heaven.'

We spoke with rising gospel singer DOE for a well-rounded conversation about how she deals with missing her Forever Jones family, what it took to build the confidence to head out on her own and everything you can expect from the debut album 'Clarity,' in addition to her future endeavors in music.

We can always use a reminder of the good word, and for "Fresh Word Friday" we got our special guest DOE to deliver a scripture from the book of Psalms inspired by her hit single "When I Pray."

Dr. Willie Jolley focuses his "Wake Up & Win" for today on the benefits of persistence using our very own Urban One founder Cathy Hughes as a prime example.

Dr. Willie Jolley's "Wake Up & Win" for today is about understanding the struggle that comes with progress using the wise words of Black History icon Frederick Douglass as guidance.